All references listed exclusively relate to the former roles of Hermann Lehn as employee of pharmaceutical companies. For each reference listed, the written approval for publication on this website is on file.

Vice President, Global CRO

Hermann is a great expert in regulatory toxicology with international reputation and deep knowledge of GxP environments around the globe. I have known Hermann for almost 30 years, and it has always been an extremely constructive relationship with a clear focus on goals and outcomes.

Vice President, Global CRO

I have worked with many Sponsors and Consultants during my 30 years in Contract Research. In all that time, I’d have to rate you as the best Sponsor representative I’ve ever had the pleasure to collaborate with. You did a great job for your company, but always made the relationship with us feel like a true partnership, which in turn meant that we always endeavoured to do our best in return. From a QA perspective, your involvement with international regulators and knowledge of their respective expectations was always apparent in our discussions … so when you raised an issue with us, we knew it was something we needed to address!

Vice President, Global CRO

Hermann has invaluable insights gained from his experience in drug development, people leadership, strategic planning and quality. Importantly, he has a deep understanding of the practical aspects and challenges of drug development and how to apply the regulatory guidelines to ensure quality. In my role as a leader in a major CRO, Hermann sets the benchmark.

Senior Vice President, Big Pharma

I know Hermann Lehn since many years and we have been working together for quite some time. I was always impressed by his regulatory expertise and his deep understanding of processes in PH R&D combined with his professionality and pragmatism in managing complex topics. His sound judgements were the ones I always relied on.

Vice President, Global CRO

I always found it a pleasure to work together with Hermann as he fully understood and appreciated the benefits of a true partnership. Communications were always direct, fair, and with understanding of the the challenges and opportunities being addressed. Commitments were always delivered upon. Finally, Hermann brought a level of experience and integrity that benefited both parties in the relationship.

Senior Vice President Global CRO

I am so sorry to see you leave Roche, but I am very happy for you as you start your next chapter. You will be very successful as a QA consultant; you would be at the top of my list to call! Thanks again for the wonderful partnership and the many times you offered wise counsel to me.

Senior Quality Manager Big Pharma

I have been working with Hermann for more than 10 years, we were covering different aspects of a Quality. Hermann was an absolute specialist in his field but he was always open and keen to look into adjacent fields of Quality, too. Together, in our team of the 4/5 global Quality Leaders we made great progress towards a general Quality sytem spanning all areas relevant to pharmaceutical activities. In addition, Hermann was very easy to work with, an open positive personality with good humour.

Global Business Manager, Big Pharma

It has been a pleasure working with you over the last few years. It is seldom that I meet people who are true gentlemen, especially when under pressure, but you are one. I very much appreciated your wise and open council, and will miss this going forward.

Global Quality Manager, Big Pharma

I have worked with Hermann at a major pharmaceutical company for many years and recognize him as an expert in quality assurance with emphasis in the GLP area. He has overseen the quality assurance groups on a global level interacting with local organizations in the US, Europe and Asia. He has successfully handled both FDA and Swissmedic inspections of GLP test facilities. He always provided knowledgeable and practical guidance to ensure that our sites operated in a compliant manner with regard to non-clinical studies and computer system validation.

Business Manager, Global CRO

Have known Hermann for approximately 10 years having interacted with him in a few of the various roles he has filled including outsourcing of Toxicology and Metabolism studies; managing Toxicology studies; and Compliance/QA. What has always impressed me the most is his ability to sort through a multitude of items and focus on the ones that are critical. For example, when inspecting a laboratory, one will likely always find “something”, however Hermann has the ability to immediately identify what is a critical issue vs the minutia that do not impact compliance. He is always able to find the right balance.
In addition, always appreciate his candor, he delivers both praise and criticism clearly and appropriately which is a reflection of professionalism.

Vice President Quality, Big Pharma

I had the privilege to work alongside Dr. Hermann Lehn for many years in a number of different GxP capacities (audits, inspections, qualifications) throughout the world (US, Asia, Europe); I always found him to be professional, engaging, partnered, educating, competent, succinct, strategic, rational, calm, and even entertaining, sometimes! He truly is a delight to work with; five stars! Highly recommend!

QA Manager, Big Pharma

Dr. Lehn is a regulatory professional of the highest caliber. I have known Hermann for almost 15 years, he has a unique set of skills, he is as familiar with the US FDA Regulations as he is with the EU OECD Guidance’s. Dr. Lehn is also well versed in the Asian regulatory areas especially China and Japan. He takes a very pragmatic approach to solving complex problems. Hermann has dealt with US FDA Regulators and with EU/OECD Health Inspectors, and has had an equally favorable rapport with both. Hermann is very adept at working in a corporate culture, he understands the importance and complexities of succeeding in a regulatory environment. I would strongly endorse Dr. Lehn as a consultant to the regulated environments of the Pharma and BioPharma industries.